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(E.g. if you decide to call your corporation “ABC Enterprises, Inc.”, but you also want to be able to be called “ABC, Inc.”, then select “Yes”).
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Where will the nonprofit be located?
If so, please email your meeting minutes and/or any notes from the meeting to Sharmila Parkman at
(E.g. John Doe – Chairman and CEO, Jane Doe – Secretary and Treasurer).
(E.g. John Doe – Director and CFO - $56,000 per year).
(A registered agent receives all important documents, including legal paperwork if you are sued).
(E.g. workers’ compensation insurance, general liability insurance, etc.).
(I.e. 501(c)(3), 501(c)(6), etc.).
(This will be listed in the Bylaws and the Articles of Incorporation).
(E.g. mostly public donations, mostly private donations, suggested service fees, grants, etc.).
(Disinterested means directors are not closely related, such as father and son, and are not engaged in certain current or prior business relationships).
(If the nonprofit will have a logo or other graphic(s), please email copies to Sharmila Parkman at
(Please email copies of all client-facing materials to Sharmila Parkman at
If none, type "N/A" and briefly explain why not.