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Legal disputes can exhaust a person's bank account and free time with unneeded delays. The Parkman Law Firm gives clients upfront assessments of their cases and then works to get them favorable and expedient outcomes.

Principal attorney, Sharmila Parkman, has over 15 years of California legal experience at some of the top-rated litigation firms in the San Diego metropolitan area. Her staff guides clients through every aspect of the legal process and fights to get them the best possible outcomes for their cases.

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Practice Areas

Construction Law

The law firm protects the interests of clients facing many types of construction disputes, including those involving:

  • Mechanic's liens;

  • Stop notices;

  • Miller Act claims;

  • Bond issues and claims;

  • Change orders;

  • Extra work;

  • Delay claims (direct and indirect);

  • Home office burden disputes (Eichleay formula);

  • Acceleration claims;

  • Disruptions claims;

  • Liquidated damages;

  • Claims for damage stemming from impacts to construction schedules;

  • Payment and performance bond claims;

  • Stop notice release bond claims;

  • Contractor license bond issues;

  • Subcontractor claims; and

  • Prime contractor claims.

Business Law

The law firm assists business owners with many types of matters, including:

  • Business creation, such as limited liability companies (LLCs) and sole proprietorships;

  • Corporate formation, mergers, maintenance, and dissolution;

  • Partnership agreements and disputes;

  • Breach of contract and tort claims;

  • Contract review and drafting;

  • Website Terms of Service and Privacy Policies (non-GDPR);

  • Labor and employment matters; and

  • General Counsel.

Estate Planning

The firm helps people with the entire estate planning process, including:

  • Wills and trusts;

  • Powers of attorney;

  • Health care directives and living wills;

  • Business planning and succession; and

  • General asset protection plans.


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