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Estate Planning



The Parkman Law Firm helps clients with the entire estate planning process, including:

  • Wills and trusts;

  • Powers of attorney;

  • Health care directives and living wills;

  • Business planning and succession; and

  • General asset protection plans.

Experienced And Understanding Estate Planning Lawyers

While every adult should have at least a will, the process of creating an estate plan can feel overwhelming. Individuals who want to start or change their estate plans must make complex decisions, and they may not know what exactly they need. The Parkman Law Firm helps families and individuals make estate plans that carry out their wishes and protect their futures.

Founding Partner, Sharmila Parkman, is a knowledgeable attorney who has over 15 years of legal experience and a long record of positive estate planning results. Her law firm assists clients in the San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, and Riverside metropolitan areas and throughout Northern and Southern California. She works to maximize her clients' investments and charges reasonable rates for estate planning services.


The Experience To Overcome Estate Planning Challenges

Planning an estate means answering hard questions about expensive assets, real property, custodians and medical care. The Parkman Law Firm's staff builds strong professional relationships with clients so that they can understand their goals. The firm will then create a comprehensive and personalized estate plan based on this rapport and the staff's years of experience.

A Guardianship And Trust Can Protect A Special-Needs Family Member

The law firm also creates guardianships to protect children and special-needs family members. A guardianship allows family members to choose a guardian who will care for their loved one in case of an emergency. With this legal tool, families can rest easy knowing that their child or disabled family member is safe.

Ms. Parkman can also help clients create special-needs trusts. These trusts allow a person to give financial support to special-needs loved ones without interfering with their government benefits.