A Seasoned Construction Law Litigator

Disputes over California construction projects can lead to drawn out and expensive lawsuits. Contractors need experienced legal counsel who can get efficient and positive case results. The Parkman Law Firm is a proven litigation firm that can resolve construction disputes with aggressive and effective action.

Attorney Sharmila Parkman has over 15 years of litigation experience and a thorough understanding of construction law. Her San Diego firm helps people throughout Southern and Northern California overcome their construction disputes. Ms. Parkman's team works closely with clients and guides them through the process of successfully resolving their suits.

An Efficient Lawyer For Many Types Of Construction Law Matters

The Parkman Law Firm understands that withheld payments from a general contractor can cause problems for a person's business and by extension their mortgage and personal finances. Ms. Parkman uses aggressive legal strategies to get the best possible outcome for clients without delays. She pursues legal resolutions that avoid the unnecessary expense and time investment of the courtroom.

The firm protects the interests of clients facing many types of construction disputes, including those involving:

  • Mechanic's liens
  • Stop notices
  • Miller Act claims
  • Bond issues and claims
  • Change orders
  • Extra work
  • Delay claims (direct and indirect)
  • Home office burden disputes (Eichleay formula)
  • Acceleration claims
  • Disruptions claims
  • Liquidated damages
  • Claims for damage stemming from impacts to construction schedules
  • Payment and performance bond claims
  • Stop notice release bond claims
  • Contractor license bond issues
  • Subcontractor claims
  • Prime contractor claims

Empathetic For Clients, Yet Aggressive In The Courtroom

Clients receive assessments of their cases and an idea of what they can expect in a free consultation. Ms. Parkman is upfront with clients about their expected legal costs and the steps needed to get positive case results. She is a fellow small-business owner who understands the difficulties of running a business and the importance of getting timely results.

Get A Free Case Assessment In A Consultation

The Parkman Law Firm fights to protect construction litigation clients with competitive fees and quality service. Some cases may qualify for representation on a contingency fee basis. Clients can set up their free consultation by calling 858-453-5033 or by filling out the contact form.