A Capable Attorney For Many Types Of Business Challenges

California business owners must overcome many legal hurdles to run a successful business. Guidance from a seasoned business lawyer can prevent legal problems and let owners focus on day-to-day operations. The Parkman Law Firm provides owners in the San Diego area with trusted help for their businesses.

Attorney Sharmila Parkman has over 15 years of business law experience and a history of litigation success. Her team creates strong relationships with owners and acts as their knowledgeable business and corporate counsel. Ms. Parkman helps new and existing businesses efficiently solve and move past their legal problems.

A Lawyer For Every Stage Of A Business's Lifecycle

Ms. Parkman understands that corporations have different needs depending on their industry and age. She has guided business owners through creating their business, resolving disputes and planning for succession. Her firm gives businesses a straightforward assessment of their legal challenges and an idea of what they can expect.

The law firm assists business owners with many types of matters, including:

  • Business entity creation, including limited liability companies (LLCs) and sole proprietorships
  • Corporate formation, mergers, maintenance and dissolution
  • Partnership agreements and disputes
  • Breach of contract and tort claims
  • Labor and employment matters

Ms. Parkman has a history of success in the construction industry. She has resolved construction litigation issues for contractors, material suppliers and other related businesses.

Legal Help From A Fellow Business Owner

Ms. Parkman started her firm so that she could provide clients with effective and personalized legal guidance. She personally understands the problems that business owners can face and the importance of decisive action. Ms. Parkman also helps business owners create favorable estate plans that allow them to protect their investments.

Get More Information In A Free Consultation

Owners can call 858-453-5033 or send an email to The Parkman Law Firm to set up their free consultation. The firm has competitive legal costs and a staff of experienced legal professionals.